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Celotium is a blockchain
for shared goals in our society

Rewards work on purpose

Celotium intends to give us billions of new reasons to work on purpose.

Build Trust and Transparency

By using Blockchain Celotium build trust and transparency in a our joint effort towards global goals.

Add fuel to long-term growth

An ecosystem for sustainability and growth, working for our society and for our future.

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credits: 	Alejandro Alvarez

Not so long ago, purpose was given to us by religion or ideologies. As our society abandoned these sources of purpose, we turned to the market instead which unfortunately can’t create the sense of meaning and purpose we need as individuals and as a society to survive in the long run.

In our time, purpose is not something given to us, but something we need to work on and claim. This is a paradigm shift. The problem is, many of us haven’t recognized that, and if we have, we probably don’t know how to work on purpose. We might have a vague idea of what purpose is, and we might even think we need to be lucky to get it.

At the same time, our society desperately needs people and companies with purpose, who think and act consciously and long-term. Our planet and our civilization depend on it.

credits: Matthew Henry

Blockchain technology is often characterized as “disruptive” because it has the potential to change our society. But disruptive shouldn’t be enough - we also need ideas of what kind of society we want to be.

Celotium wants to become a driving force towards a society where people and organizations claim purpose and share the responsibility for who we are, and what we as a society want to become. The word Celo is the Esperanto word for Purpose. This is an attempt to create an ecosystem for sustainability and growth, with feedback loops creating incentives for individuals and organizations to participate in a joint work towards shared goals in our society.

credits: Maxime Le Conte des Floris

When Celotium is in its final stage it will consist of three parts:

  1. A network where organizations support each-others sustainability work and individuals push companies towards working on purpose,
  2. A protocol rewarding organizations working successfully towards shared goals in our society, and
  3. A native currency where consumers can lever their effort towards shared goals without leaving the market

Because Celotium will contain a native cryptocurrency, it’s important to distances it from the speculations surrounding cryptocurrencies at the moment. Contributing to a tulip bubble would counter the very purpose of Celotium. Celotium is a long-term project and the publicly accessible cryptocurrency will not appear before stage 5, and by then the cryptocurrency market most probably has stabilized.


When using Celotium, organizations and individuals acknowledge the paradigm that purpose is not given but claimed, and they promote themselves as actively working on purpose. But more importantly, they become part of a network where individuals and organizations work on purpose gets rewarded and creates reasons for others to do the same, and hopefully, this will start a “chain reaction of purpose”.

We cannot underestimate peoples willingness to save the world, and today we see new generations acknowledging other values than making money, as a matter of fact. But still, the questions of how we’re actually going to do it often remains. Celotium offers a platform for people who want to premiere businesses with a purpose, and a way to channel individual intentions to make a difference, through organizations in our society. On the other side of the coin, it offers businesses a way to use people’s existential driving forces as an engine for long-term growth.

The Celotium value comes from peoples urge to save the world, future generations and themselves.

How does it work?
Celotium is a distributed application built on blockchain tokens

1. Accept Celotium as payment

Celotium is a currency token that can be traded with just like other cryptocurrencies. Organizations can accept Celotium as payment for products and services.

2. Create a Purpose Portfolio

As a member in the Celotium Network, you manage your own Purpose Portfolio which is a stack of global goals your are actively working towards.

3. Support other organisations goals

Pay Celotium to other organizations in the network who have incorporated the goals you haven’t, and “lease” their goals into your own stack of goals in order to create a complete portfolio.

4. Get Celotium

As a consumer, you can buy Celotium from the Celotium Pool, or exchange it from other currency in a cryptocurrency exchange.

5. Support organizations

As an owner of Celotium, you can support organizations inside the Network and become a backer of their sustainability work. This action is referred to as Crowdsourcing Sustainability.

6. Buy products and services

Being a consumer and paying companies Celotium is another way to reward organizations for their sustainability work and hence be part of the crowdsourcing.

7. Build Celotium Credit

Your organization get Credits by accepting Celotium, getting Users votes, and leasing your goals to other organizations in the network.

8. Get rewarded with Celotium

If your organization has a high Credit rank it gets rewarded with new Celotium from the Celotium Pool.

9. Be part of the Celotium Purpose Ecosystem

Owning, accepting or paying Celotium is contributing to a society where people and organizations claim purpose and share responsibility. A.k.a a better place.

Created By

Aponomy is a Swedish start-up launched 2017. Our ambition is to create applications that can help people improve our society. Right now we are working on Celotium and The Bourne.

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  • No. What's that?
  • It's a network of users and organizations contributing together to make the world a better place.
  • How does that work?
  • You back companies and initiatives close to your own values, by investing in a local currency called Celotium. Your investment in Celotium can give you payback. But in the end it's working together for a better world that's important.
  • Sounds amazing! How can I join?
  • You can sign up on!

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